Was Minister Ruth Acieng Given a Fake Covid-19 Vaccine? Here is the Whole Truth

A video has been circulating on Social Media indicating that Dr Ruth Acieng received a fake vaccine on the vaccination launch. Process causing mixed reactions. And amongst the people in down town, many are stating that they can’t be vaccinated with the ‘real’ vaccine if the top guns in government are not vaccinated claiming it’s a trap for “Omuntu wawasi” (the local person).

It should be remembered that, Yesterday the Ministry of Health officially launched the COVID-19
vaccination exercise in Uganda at Mulago Hospital. This saw different officials from ministry of health took their first AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine jab.

On the same note, a video that shows that Dr. Ruth Acieng received a ‘fake’ vaccine in the exercise leaked from one of the media houses locally, and this forced the minister to come out and cry to the people that it is not what they think.

The video that people saw, is said to be the demo she made for the media to cover a story, then the real vaccination took place and she received the vaccine. To add on that, Dr Ruth says that, the vaccine is ‘safe’ for use as for her, she is okay after receiving the first jab.

For those deliberately trying to convince the public that I was notvaccinated against COVID-19 yesterday. I was vaccinated using the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine during the #COVIDVaccinationUG launch. The vaccine is safe for everyone” Minister Dr. Jane Acieng asserted.

More so, the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is aimed to suppressing COVID-19 by 80%, but it has received a very massive resistance globally. With many countries stopping it’s use and people refusing to take it in.


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