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VJ Junior on why he decided to make his family public

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Film translator VJ Junior real name Matovu Junior has revealed why he decided to finally make his family, wife and children public. VJ Junior is very popular in the film industry and he has been in that industry for more than 10 years even inspiring the young generation.

Being behind the gadgets, so many people didn’t know how VJ Junior looks like not until he opened up social media platforms where he unveiled his face. Despite VJ Junior unveiling his face, he kept his family wife and children very private. He didn’t talk about it at any point in his career not until few years ago when he went public about it.

It was a birthday of one of his three children and he posted photos of his family leaving fans surprised because they didn’t know he was even a married man. The photos made rounds on social media with fans sharing them and some of the popular people wishing his son a birthday. In an interview with a local television, Junior gave reasons why he finally decided to go public about his family while other celebrities regret putting their family out in the media.

According to VJ Junior, he should off his wife as a way of appreciating him for the good she has done for him in the years they have been together. Junior said his wife has been so caring to him and their three children and she has never asked to be put out in the media to be known.

“The fact that my wife has been there for me in all seasons, I decided to go public about my family as a way of appreciating her for the time she has stood with me, and cared for me,” ~ VJ Junior

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