VIDEO – What Really Happened to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi? His Health Status Worry Ugandans

Ugandans especially the Baganda have been sent to a shocker of their lives after seeing the king of Buganda Kingdom, Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II in a very poor health state. This came in after he made a public appearance on his 66th birthday, and all he was up to only God knows.

It is on this point that, everyone started to see him act funny, and his looks were all depreciated, he looked so tired. On the same note, in the video he is seen moving in a zig zag way, not following the red carpet that he was supposed to follow.

Again, he is seen swallowing air and doing funny gestures, even the Nabagareka Sylvia Naginda was getting worried at some points. This got everyone emotional and some started crying, as social media was flooded by sad messages as others cried as they asked what happened to Kabaka Mutebi health.

It should however be noted that, rumor started making rounds that Kabaka Mutebi was poisoned, and to make matters worse, that it was the Katikiro that was behind it all. This was started when he was rumored to have died from Nairobi by a one social media blogger Fred Lumbuye.

Kabaka Mutebi at 66th birthday

The same unconfirmed story, suggests that there is a secret mission to finish off Kabaka Mutebi Ronald and that still, Charles Peter Mayiga is the one on it. But according to what we know, Kabaka Mutebi is a very rich man, if he was poisoned as they allege, he would have gone for further medication by now, because he can afford it.

And according to his appearance, there is a condition the king suffered that is beyond everyone’s control. Actually, it is visible the king isn’t okay especially to those that have been seeing him the previous years.

Ronald Mwenda Mutebi 66th birthday

What we can assert now is that, we should join hand and pray for Kabaka Mutebi and he gets a recovery from all he is facing.

Watch Painful Video Here of Kabaka Appearance


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