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VIDEO: Wedding bells! Boyfriend proposes to Vivian Tendo

Beautiful singer Vivian Tendo is no longer on the shelf of single people as her unknown boyfriend proposes to her in a beautiful surprise ceremony. The news about Vivian Tendo’s engagement was posted on social media by one of the bloggers. There is much information about it.

But in the video, the man who proposed to Vivian Tendo is not known in the lime light. He even looks like a bit old in age than the other men Vivian Tendo was linked to. The engagement party took place in a place that was near water. And in the video, Vivian can be seen on water enjoying her life happy. And for Vivian, she looked so happy and excited about the engagement although she hasn’t said anything about it.

“Muzukukke banange 🙆‍♂️ omuyimbi Vivian Tendo bamututte.. she said yesterday 💍🙄🙄 Congratulations vivian 😔,”

Click here to watch the video:

It should be noted that Ugandan female artistes especially the young ones don’t prioritize marriage. They always mind more about their bodies and careers but it looks like Vivian is ready to settle down with her boyfriend. Her relationship with Wakiso Giants boss Atagenda Musa didn’t work our and the two separated ways.

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