Video Review: Long Time Maulana & Reign Featuring Betina Namukasa

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Uganda, always gifted by nature and talent, Times Uganda unveils to you another exceptional debutants and talents that shall trend for a while in the current generation. Besides comedy, the comic duo Maulana & Reign have exhibited yet another and undoubtedly one of the sensational love audio project featuring songstress Betina Namukasa in a project dubbed ‘Long Time’.

Given the versatility of the dynamic comic duo, they bring forth  a well-scripted song with eye catching visuals directed by one Zero One media. It’s a video worth watching time and again


No disappointment from the acts with the correctly placed scenes and actions of the magnificent video that is not only on a well-edit and direction by the director, but as well the characters.

One can not rule out the role of the costumes’ designer for the role correctly and well played with costumes of the characters are in line with the environment and song lyrics, video is worth watching.


Watch Long time HD video by Betina Namukasa


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