VIDEO REVIEW: Kwata Wano by Spice Diana, the Real ‘Spice’ is Revealed

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Just a few days after she released her song Kwata Wano, the Source Management songstress and award winning Spice Diana has been holding an uphill task to maintain relevancy of her newly released video and make sure the art she told in it is well rhyming with what she wanted her fans to consume.

If we are to dissect and put this amazing video on a dissecting table, we have to fully affirm that Spice Diana never goes wrong when it comes to art and story telling in her songs and videos, never! On watching Kwata Wano video start playing and you see “A Swangz Avenue Video” word flash and the “Andre on the Beat” mention jump in, you definitely know you are heading to watch and read a story at the same time.

Kwata Wano Video Scene

This puts us in Marvin Musoke’s feet (the director of the video) and we just imagine the hectic day he had to handle a brand like Spice Diana and tell her story of this full of message and r0mance Kwata Wano song. That is why we see the director had to put in a muscular vixen who kept on holding Spice Diana throughout the video to take out the picture of “providing her insecure heart” with enough security since she wants someone to be around her all the time.

The emotions Spice Diana brought out, clearly tell us of her hidden talent of acting, she really begged for her hubby to touch her everywhere, she was visibly yearning for his presence. Her body language said it all! She took out that feeling we always catch when we watch the Titanic movie at a scene where Jack was dying of freezing on top of the Ocean leaving his love alone.

Spice Diana opened the other side of the coin when she used words like “Wanna be your baby mama… because you are fine for me.. allow me to hold you now, allow me to hug you now, allow me allow me to touch just allow me…Hold here, be here… bring the love this side…. hold so tight… be here… the only one I wanna be with… I feel lonely when i miss you…” who else would not have the urge to watch this video a hundred times?

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