VIDEO: Promoter Bajjo Calls on Ugandans to Unite and Protest Against ‘Tribalism’

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  • Bajjo events it seems he is not satisfied by the way the NRM party is treating them, that is why he decides to go against his bosses and call upon every Ugandan to join him and put 'tribalism' to an end
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Events promoter Bajjo aka Mukasa Andrew of Bajjo events it seems he is looking for all possible ways of returning to the people. In his efforts, Bajjo has called upon every Ugandan to join him and protest against the killer tribalism virus he says is eating up Uganda, where the ruling Banyankore, Bahima (Museveni’s tribe) never want to see any other tribe doing well.

In this video he just made, Bajjo events asserts that he needs the help of Ugandans to join hands and go against what he termed as the ‘Bahima dominancy’ in everything. Starting from the inner circle of the government to everywhere. Bajjo still, asserts that that clique doe not want anyone out side of it getting well off.

I have come to talk about tribalism and nepotism in Museveni’s government, Uganda started from a good foundation of presidents like Obote, Amin, Paul Muwanga,Yusuf Lule, Binaisa. The country was not on foundations of tribalism, but we have a problem currently, the Banyankore think God created only them to eat Uganda’s things alone.” Promoter Bajjo started his lamenting

They don’t want to see anyone doing good, even the Bairu Banyankore suffer like us the Baganda and i call upon everyone to join me we put this to an end. We are beggars in our own land. We want also you to feel the pain we go through and be broke like us. Your kids should also suffer like our kids” Promoter Bajjo continues to curse.


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It should however be noted that, the very Bajjo was campaigning for president Museveni in the January elections. So now we can not ascertain what really went wrong with the mighty party he rallied behind. Could there be a rat we are yet to smell? Me and you.

Watch Promoter Bajjo stressing his outcry


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