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VIDEO: Nsamba’s father curses Spice Diana Over His Dead Son

Singer Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajjara is still haunted by the family of Henry Nsamba who is said to have died from her home few months ago. In July, social media was washed by so many blogs after a guy known as Nsamba Henry was reportedly found dead in singer Spice Diana’s home in Makindye.

This guy wasn’t much known, it is said he was a just a normal fun who was obsessed with Spice Diana and always wanted to be close to her, also do a song with her like an upcoming artiste. But his dreams were cut very short at the age of 25 years. He was killed bit the truth behind his death has never been revealed because the police didn’t give a report and his family is still seeking for justice.

Henry Nsamba’s father recently had an interview with a local YouTuber and he said it all. He talked about how the body of his late child looked like and according to him, his son was sacrificed by Spice Diana and her team. Although Spice Diana said Nsamba Henry was a thief who tried to sneak into her home at night, his father says otherwise.

According to Henry Nsamba’s father, his son was very hard working, he had no heart of stealing and on top of that Spice Diana’s fence can’t be climbed because it has electricity on top of it and it’s even too tall to be climbed. Henry Nsamba’s home said nothing will convince him that his son wasn’t sacrificed because even his son’s dead body had a whole in the head but there was no blood spilled on him meaning they collected his blood and took it.

He cursed Spice Diana saying he took away his son from him but one day she will pay for it and it will not be easy like the way it hasn’t been easy for him to burry his child.

“Spice Diana sacrificed my child and started painting him as a thief. The tears I have cried, so many things I have gone through she will pay for it. I know what I am talking about because I saw my son’s body and I can never forget about it,” Henry Nsamba’s father said.

Here is the video

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