VIDEO – More Than 80M Stolen in Kyambogo Robbery

There has a brutal robbery in Kyambogo reported after a group of 3 people including 2 men and a lady stormed a residence. This happened on the 31st of March 2021 according to the CCTV video footage. And the victims are currently under medical attention, the thieves are nowhere to be seen.

This act happened at exactly 1612 hours and the robbers dressed in complete National Water and Sewerage Cooperation took the action in a smooth manner without causing any alarm. This also, transpired from a residence occupied by Chinese.

How it all happened

We are reliably informed that, on the 31st of March, these thieves dressed in NWSC attire went to Kyambogo Lower Estate Endinburg Avenue where they did the robbery, to a residence occupied by Chinese. They knocked the door pretending to be workers of NWSC and upon entering the gate, assailants held the cook who was visibly alone at home.

Held her neck from behind, tied her up and did their planned mission of robbing and went off  after locking her from the washroom. It is further learnt that cash that is over 85,000,000 Uganda shillings was stolen.


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It was kept in the safe inside the house, and the thieves broke it using brutal methods, these assailants it seems they knew the residence had cameras, so they came covered with helmets making it hard to establish them.

D/ASP Nuwamanya Samuel Binuzire the OC CID Kyambogo Police station has confirmed this Kyambogo robbery and said that police has visited the crime scene. More so, he says that statements have been recorded from the victims and police form 3 was issued to them for medical examination.

The case is recorded under file number SD 07/31/03/2021. CRB 027/2021 as investigations go on.

But as the investigations go on, we should ask ourselves there questions, how did the robbers know the timings of bosses not being home at that specific time? Why were the dogs locked up at the time of the robbery.? Again Was there a technical problem reported from the residence for NWSC to send there it’s workers?

Who knows whether it is not an inhouse job? Our guess may be as good as yours!



Kyambogo robberyKyambogo robbery


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