VIDEO: Man Wearing Yellow T-shirt Beaten Up by Angry Mob Accusing Him for Supporting NRM

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It seems before the general elections come in, we shall have seen things take a different ugly route as now people start beating up each other. In this context, a young man has been badly beaten up by an angry mob in Kampala city accusing the man for putting on a yellow t-shirt supporting NRM.

It should be remembered that, yellow color represents Uganda’s ruling NRM party, so this is widely believed that it is the cause for this young man beating after putting on yellow. In this video, irritated people are seen swarming on the man, flogging him, as others wanted to burn her up.

Kicks, flogs, and slaps were employed to inflict pain on his body. However, many have been seen condemning the act saying that yellow is a color even if the NRM party is not included. Again, people have colors they love no matter the political party affiliations.

In the end, a security guard came in to rescue the life of this young man as he dispersed people while threatening to shoot at them if they continued beating up the man. Further, he was seen removing the t-shirt and holding it in his hands as he walked away, visibly in pain.



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