VIDEO: I Lost Everything Because of Museveni – Job Seeking Isma Olaxess Cries Out

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Today, a dark cloud covered the heavens as ex blogger and the 58 year old Isma Olaxess came out and cried to whoever cared to listen. In his more than 30 minutes video, Isma Olaxess cried out that he lost everything for his including the Sweden citizenship, for the sake of standing in for President Museveni, but all he got back are tears.

In his bitter revelation, ex blogger Isma Olaxess says that, the State House id for only one tribe, the Bahima/Banyankore. That they are the ones that control the country and you can never fins there any other tribe. On top of that, he continues to say that, Museveni works with the proud Bahima women, who never fulfill what the president pledges to give the common man.

“We have been working, we put in our all working for Museveni and the NRM, but all we got their is to lose our everything instead. There is a category of people that gets money from Museveni, but no0t us especially the Baganda.” Isma started his outcry.

For the Baganda never even think of getting anything from Museveni because you annoyed the Banyankore after pushing Museveni from the Central Uganda. That is how I came to lose my everything, my citizenship of Sweden after reporting me at the embassy, and everything, I lost it all. Whoever has a job can call me I work.” he continued.

For those that are near Museveni can not understand when i say that I lost everything abroad, they are rich and can never travel. They do not know that. They only know things of begging them and kneeling for them. Yet me am a proud poor man, i do not kneel for anyone. Even my religion doesn’t allow that” Isma Olaxess stressed his frustration.

“All governments are like that, even on Amin’s regime, the Banubbi were the kings of State House and they ate the lions share. So we have to accept that we are beggars, and that will not change unless we also get someone in control” Isma continued to expose his bosses.

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