VIDEO: Aturinda Caroline (LDC) Meets Her Death by a Train Accident

Law Development Centre (LDC) Student Aturinda Caroline (Carol) met her death on 10th July 2022. News suggest that, she was set to graduate this July from LDC and the same institution revealed that the cause of her death was a train clash accident as we show it in the video at the end of this story.

Aturinda Carol is a daughter to Mr. Betunga Telekipholo a resident of Ishongororo Town Council in Ibanda district. She met her death at around 03:31 am when she was leaving a bar with her alleged boyfriend. This happened when the two were in a Mercedes 4Matic car Reg. No. UBJ 053N and they were trying to cross the railway line and the train was crossing at the same time, thus smashing them.

News maintain that, the two Aturinda Caroline Carol (LDC) and her boyfriend died on spot and the train continued on its journey. The bodies were later ion transferred to Naguru Hospital for postmortem. By the time we did this story, no police official statement was made yet, nor any postmortem results were released.

Aturinda Caroline Carol (LDC) was known for being a bright girl, humble and patriotic according to her neighbors in the village, her fellow students and friends. She left no child and she left her graduation that was due in a week and half to come. Rest easy Carol and the boyfriend.

carol ldc student accident
Car that Carol and Boyfriend were in
carol and her boyfriend
Carol and Boyfriend Moments before death


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