URA Collects Bobi Wine’s Car For Re-evaluation

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Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, known by his stage name Bobi Wine is a Ugandan musician and
politician who leads the National Unity Platform Political Party. He has been in possession of a bullet proof car. Now the revenue body Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has taken it back.

The Uganda Revenue Authority said that the car was undervalued by the time it passed through the system since it passed as an ordinary car. It was valued at Uganda shillings five hundred fifty seven million.

Due to many controversies Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine was requested to return the car to URA for re-revaluing since he lost his bid in court to stop the re-evaluation of his car. Through his legal team, today Robert Ssentamu Bobi Wine responded to the Uganda Revenue Authority by availing his Toyota Land Cruiser, UBJ 667F to URA offices in Nakawa.

Through a trusted source, Emmanuel Baguma, deputy head of high court informed we came to understand that he lost the bid because he did not adduce evidence to show that the recalling of the vehicle for re-verification will cause him an irreplaceable injury which can not be compensated by the award of damages.


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This did not go well with his supporters as they think that the government is trying to find loopholes in their president. They have failed to understand how the car managed to pass through the system since it’s Uganda Revenue Authority’s (URA) responsibility to verify all the cars before they are allowed in the country.

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