Updated List of Uganda Richest Pastors 2020/2021

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If we can quote Pastor Yiga’s words, he once said that “Church is a business”, but many people did not understand him. This clearly brings us to the fact that, Uganda’s pastors are some wealthy men, call them great business moguls. Here is a complete and updated richest pastors in Uganda 2020/2021.

Pastor Yiga Augustine Abizaayo

Is Pastor Yiga Abizaayo Dead? Here is the truth

The wealthy man of God, at some point he wanted a title of “prophet” since his miracle making had elevated to a new whole dimension. Putting the church business in mind, he introduced the selling of ‘holy trees’, ‘holy rings’ among others.

He owns many businesses and he is into real estate, education  (owning Knowledge Secondary School), media house (ABS Television) and others. His net worth is currently at about $45 million. And he is the deceased now. His property was iniherited by his son Pastor Jjengo Andrew.

He is the lead pastor of Revival Christian Church in Kawaala, a Kampala city suburb and it is where his ABS Television is located too. He is the 10th richest pastor in Uganda 2020.

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi Kyobe

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi Kyobe richest pastors Uganda 2020

Before he was attacked badly by unknown people, Pastor Kiwewesi Isaac was little known, then the gay attack came in and made him jump into the ranks. It was triggered and aired from WBS television (no longer existing), and he currently owns and is the lead pastor at Kansanga Miracle Centre in Kansanga.


On top of that, he is also into real estate and he has built houses and bought massive property in Kansanga. He owns a fleet of expensive cars, a huge mansion and more. He is the 9th richest pastor in Uganda by 2020/2021 at net worth $47 million.

Pastor Imelda Namutebi

Imelda started her small church in a grass thatched format in Masanafu, that was after pastor Robert Kayanja prayed and delivered her. She continued to push on and currently, she is one of big church owners in Uganda.

She is the lead pastor at Liberty Worship Centre, and her net worth is around $50 million. This places her in the 8th position in the top 10 richest pastors in Uganda.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

Richest pastors in Uganda 2020

Over time, the owner and lead pastor at Christian Life Centre Ministries located in Bwaise, has been involved in investment. He owns Top Media house that has Top television and Top radio. He is in real estate business also, and his net worth is at $55 million.

This puts him in the 7th position in the top richest pastors in Uganda 2020/2021.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Prophet Elvis Mbonye richest pastors in Uganda 2020

Known for living a fancy life and saying out prophesies that come true and some fail, he owns a huge fleet of expensive cars, the self styled prophet Elvis Mbonye. He also deals in real estate and he is one of those pastors that are respected in Uganda.

His current net worth is at a whooping $116 million, this has made him get more international exposure and getting an improved tithe from different currencies. he sits in the 6th position in the most richest pastors in Uganda 2020/2021.

Pastor Garry Skinner

Pastor Garry Skinner richest pastors in Uganda 2020

He is the proprietor KPC church that is famously known as Watoto Church, he has owned lots of land and is successfully dealing in Real Estate. He owns land on the shores of lake Victoria and other places around Kampala city.

His church Watoto, has more branches across Uganda and Garry Skinner, is also in media business too. His current net worth is around $130 million. This makes him linger in the 5th position in the top richest pastors in Uganda 2020/2021.

Pastor Aloysius Bujingo

Pastor Bugingo richest pastors in Uganda 2020

Bujingo’s self style of preaching, coupled with a  business mind, he has run one of the  most successful media houses in Uganda. He owns and operates Salt Media which has Salt television and Salt radio, he owns land that is over 30 acres near Kampala city.

Staging in Makerere, Kikoni, Kampala, the House of Prayer Ministries International (also known as Canaan land) lead pastor is a wealthy man. His net worth is calculated at $200 million, and this puts him in the 4th position among the top rich pastors in Uganda by year 2020/2021.

Pastor Robert Kayanja

Robert Kayanja richest pastors in Uganda 2020

Miracle Centre Cathedral Uganda, lead pastor Robert Kayanja,  is undoubtedly a wealthy man of God. Putting the time he has spent in the ministry, he owns huge land in Kampala and outside. He has land on the shores of Lake Victoria, real estate business and media house which has Channel 44 television.

Kayanja net worth is at $745 million, and this places him in the 3rd position among the richest pastors in Uganda currently 2020/2021.

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda richest pastors in Uganda 2020

This owner and lead pastor of Victory Church in Ndeeba, Pastor Joseph Sserwadda is believed to be the father of many pastors in Uganda. He has mentored many including Aloysius Bugingo and his wealth is based on investment.

His major investments are in real estate and he owns massive land. The net worth of his is at $840 million. This puts him up on the 2nd richest pastor in Uganda as of 2020/2021.

Prophet Samuel Kakande

Times Uganda Richest Pastors in Uganda 2020

The controversial prophet Samuel Kakande, is the owner of Synagogue Church of All Nations, located in Mulago ku Bbiri. He is famously known for his instant miracle performing, and deliverance. He has heavily invested in Agriculture and rea estate.


It is from his own farm that he got the famous ‘holy rice’ which tripled his wealth after selling it to the sheep of God. A kilogram of rice was sold at $13.5 and he sold over 50,000 kilograms. He also sells ‘holy water’ at his church, something that reaps him good money without investing.

Prophet Kakande net worth stands at $914 millions and he is still leading, making him the 1st and richest pastor in Uganda as of 2020/2021.

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