Updated List of Top 10 Richest Male Musicians Uganda 2021

Annually it’s been a norm at Times Uganda conducting a survey and research on the richest artistes in
Uganda and here below we bring you artistes living larger than life. Here is the updated and latest list of richest richest male musician artistes in Uganda 2021 from May.

Well, talking about the pandemic that has frustrated the showbiz in Uganda, there are artiste who
cannot or don’t even ever feel the pinch of such calamities because of their enormous wealth.
As you go through the list number 9 will shock you despite the fact that he is a big brand and enjoyed a
lot of privileges from the state and several organizations.

10. Banjo Man

Banjo Man is Bobi Wine’s younger brother but his wealth has nothing to do with his big brother or
politics. It’s his own hustle and local investments. Banjo has not been so vibrant musically but he has
managed to attain a lot of wealth outside the entertainment spheres, and since he is an artiste, his
name had to appear on this list.

Recently he shocked Ugandans when he paraded a chain of his apartments, rentals, his multi-billion
residential house among other investments he has attained at his young age. He revealed that he earns
over Shs200m monthly from his real estate business. His net worth is estimated at $500,000, making his the 10th richest male artistes/musician in Uganda 2021.

9. Haruna Mubiru

The all-time band musician and Kadongo Kamu singer has over time ventured into real estates and he
owns a good number of apartments in and out of Kampala. He also owns Cream Production music band.

That creatively performs and earns him a whooping sum of money COVID-19 has seen him thrive over
other artistes because of his side businesses. His net worth is estimated at $850,000.

8. Ronald Mayinja

Mayinja owns Roma Hotel, apartments among other properties. Well, besides music and apartments the
singer who recently prostituted politically managed reap big from the ruling government when he
ditched his initial opposition party NUP and joined the NRM in what was termed an extra money bonanza.

He was actually one of the top 3 richest artistes in Uganda but loans and debts dragged him so much deeper and these saw most of his property taken away by his creditors. His net worth is estimated at $900,000, making his the 8th richest male artiste/musician Uganda 2021.

7. Ragga Dee

The two-time Kampala city lord mayor aspirant who doubles as a musician and business man who has
always kept his mouth shut and silent musically in the recent years is another wealthy dude that
entertainment industry has had.

The singer has all the reasons to remain silent in the music industry basing to the wealth he managed to
attain when he was still an active singer. ‘Jjaja’ Dee is the owner of Big Mikes Club in Kololo, Acacia

More so, he deals in importation and renting of cars, he has a multi-million residential house in Makindye Kizungu among other properties. Well, the recent Covid-19 pandemic instead boosted his business and ranked him slightly higher. His net worth is estimated at $1.4m.

6. Bebe Cool

Singer Bebe Cool who has been majorly having the showbiz as his main source of income has declined
fallen short as the industry was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic hitting both the local and
international scenes with no performances and shows being staged for now over a year.

He earns a lot out of his music through stage performances, selling albums and endorsement deals. He owns posh apartments in Kiwatule, the Amber Hearts Foundation, and he is also the Ambassador of Tuberculosis in Uganda, a role that’s earns him millions of shillings.

However, for this reason therefore the singer has declined in his annual earnings and income and his net worth is estimated at $1.7m

5. Eddy Kenzo

Musician Edrisa Musuzza alias Eddy Kenzo is arguably one of the most paid artistes in Uganda and
currently most internally recognized local artiste from Uganda. He has staged a couple of international
performances more than any other artiste in Uganda, this over time enabled him attained a lot of

Eddy Kenzo has recently scooped a couple of international prestigious musical accolades and headlined
several continental shows that has aided him accumulate wealth. The singer owns a house in Seguku, he
is the CEO of Big Talent Records.

Big Talent Soccer team, he has a series of rentals and apartments, a big farm in Masaka among other riches. As well we cannot forget to hint about his assets that includes houses he bought in West Africa. He also gets money from his YouTube channels more than any other Ugandan. His net worth is estimated at $1.9m.

4. Geoffrey Lutaaya

Geoffrey Lutaaya the MP elect and legendary kadongo kamu singer is another icon to highlight with a
great deal of wealth despite his calmness and polite character not so often in the news. He is earning a lot in silence, music might not be paying so much for him but he mastered the art of investing,
something that makes him one of the richest artistes in the matooke land.

Lutaaya owns several hotels and restaurants in Makindye and Kabalagala, has apartments in Ggaba and Makindye, has a farm in Masaka, he is also the CEO of Da Nu Eagles, a band that’s still earning him a lot of money.

Currently given his political position as a Member of Parliament, where he is going to earn a couple of millions monthly will see him raise above the ranks. His net worth is estimated at $1.95m, placing him at 4th richest male musician in Uganda 2021.

3. Jose Chameleone

Legendary singer Jose Chameleone has relatively earned himself a spot on this list the recently hopeful
Kampala Mayoral aspirant is one of the artistes who have, and still reaping a lot through their music.

Despite the lock down and COVID-19 Pandemic, he has accumulated wealth through album sales online
through (iTunes, Spotify, amazon etc.), endorsement deals, music tours both local and international.

Jose Chameleone in the past years acquired a house in the states where his family is currently based and this as well is part of his assets, he was recently also ranked among the richest musicians in East.

The singer owns a beautiful house in Seguku, along Entebbe road and in Missouri, United States of
America. One cannot as well dispute his political bid that has gained him more popularity across local
and international scenes. His net worth is estimated at $2.98m.

2. Mesach Semakula

A legendary artiste who has enjoyed his fruitful and successful musical career for the last 18 years and
more in the industry has mastered the art of minting from the game and has over time accumulated his
wealth with time.

Mesach Ssemakula has attained a number of uncountable buildings and investments in and around the
capital Kampala.

Well, the Golden Band owned by Mesach musician earns him a lot from his side businesses than in
music. Semakula owns apartments in Zzana, Lubowa, Bumamwaya and Buwaate, owns Kann Records,
He is also the owner a Papa’s Spot, one of the most happening hangouts in Makindye- Lukuli Road. His net worth is estimated at $3m. Second Richest male musician 2021.

  1. Bobi Wine

The musician cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is currently ranked the richest musician in Uganda and East Africa at large despite the emoluments he has been receiving as a Member of
Parliament for Kyadondo East, presidential candidate leading the newly vibrant political party National
Unity Platform (NUP).

Bobi Wine is one artiste who has over time been reported to have accumulated his wealth from various
investments he has set up right from hotels, apartments among others. He is the proprietor of One Love
Beach Busaabala, Semakookiro Plaza, Kamwokya.

He also, has Taxis, Boda bodas among other things from which he collects his revenue Without dispute his Magere mansion cannot go unmentioned among the wealth he has Bobi also has in Gayaza. His net worth is estimated at $5m. He is the richest male musician in Uganda 2021.


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