UPDATE: NUP’s Aunt Kaduuka Clowie Not Dead, Still Detained

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A dangerous rumor has been making rounds on social media especially on Facebook announcing Aunt Kaduuka Clowie dead. Well, the news we have got for you right now is that, she is still alive and detained at the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Kireka a source has revealed.

It should be noted that, the People Power and NUP motor mouthed supporter and motivational speaker. Aunt Kaduuka also known as Clowie was whisked away and abducted by security operatives a few days ago and detained to n unknown place for some time.

Then the voice for her release started to raise and a hashtag #FreeAuntKaduuka was started and it has trended for days on social media. Then a one Shamim Malende who is a Cooperate Lawyer and the Kampala Woman Member of Parliament aspirant started the journey to search for her.

Until she was found in her detention place, and awaiting to be produced to court. Case put on Aunt Kaduuka Clowie is, Misuse of the internet. Note that, days before her arrest, she had cried out that her family was under attack. Only days after she went bare knuckles with president Museveni in one of her live casts on social media.

Rumor that Aunt Kaduuka is dead is false, Clowie is safe and under detention, there should not be any cause for alarm. Her lawyer Shamim Malende who gives free legal services has vowed to get her out with those pothers she is being detained with that include, Musiri David, Silve Kalulu.


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