UPDATE: Deputy Prime Minister Ali Kirunda Kivejinja Dead

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Again! Uganda is shocked by the sad news of the passing on of one of the oldest serving public servants, Hajji Ali Kirunda Kivejinja. Kivejinja has been announced dead by his family, and office of the Prime Minister, still a source reveals that the second deputy Prime Minister died at 17:20 hours (5pm).

It is further being learnt that the fallen Deputy Minister has succumbed to Coronavirus, a disease that he has been suffering from for more than a week. This sad news continue to hit Ugandans as the deadly virus keeps claiming lives of Ugandans and shockingly, the most important people too.

We recently reported how the deputy Minister was admitted at Mulago hospital, and on the same note, we had been informed about his health getting to a stable state. But this did not last for longer, as Deputy Prime Minister Ali Kirunda Kivenja is announced dead.

The dead Prime Minister Kivejinja dies aged 85 years and he served in the previous government before the NRM one came into power. More of this is to follow, keep it Times Uganda.


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