Ugandans to offer Bebe Cool to ‘Nigerian juju’ over involvement in Omah Lay’s arrest

A section of Ugandans angered by Omah Lay‘ and Tems’ arrest has promised to offer Bebe Cool as a burnt offering to Nigerians [ Nigerian juju ] over his involvement in the arrest of the Nigerian artistes.

The fans allege that Bebe Cool spearheaded the campaign to arrest Omah Lay after he performed at a show in Munyonyo over the weekend, contrary to coronavirus restrictions on large gatherings.

An angry tweep pointed out that Bebe’s jealousy drove him to fight the Nigerians.

“We as Ugandans love Omah Lay, but please blame our jealousy artists like Bebe Cool and the police,” one person wrote.

Nigerian juju

Cindy Sanyu also came under fire after she made remarks describing the Bad Influence singer as an idiot.

Nigerians please feel free to bewitch [ Nigerian juju ], I repeat bewitch all the sole causes of Omah and Tems’ arrest. Please we are ready to offer Bebe Cool and Cindy as the first sacrifice to your gods. Come for them,” one tweep mentioned.

Ugandan politician Bobi Wine also recently came out to condemn the arrest of the Nigerian music duo.

Omah Lay and Tems, together with five others are currently detained at Kitalya prison. They will return to court on December 16th for the mention of their case, and Bebe Cool may survive the wrath of the Nigerian Juju.


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