Ugandans Excited After Internet Ban Being Lifted

Ugandans were sent to utter shock of their lives after waking up on the 13th of January and all they could do with their phones, was to play games. Yes! the internet ban was in effect countrywide, by the Uganda Communications Commission on allegations, that they were stopping possible crimes that may have come from the internet access during elections.

It has been 5 full days of Uganda internet ban, no Social Media, only votes counting and declaration of presidential elections winners,  new Members of Parliament. And yesterday the 17th, the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda asserted that the government was still accessing the gravity of damage the internet would bring before being restored.

And now, the good news is that, most of Ugandans can access internet and Social Media without the use of Virtual private Network (VPN), something that has excited them so much. And as usual, Social Media is full of sarcastic posts alleging that they have been in the ‘bush’ fighting for freedom, and now they are back from the war.

On the other hand, Uganda’s election heat is still on as the few people that could access internet through roaming, have been holding the fire up to ask for fair results and immediate release of Bobi Wine from the possible house arrest he is kept under by the Military and Police.


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