Uganda UACE Top and Best Performing Schools 2020/2021

Yesterday, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) released last year’s Senior Six results (UACE) and basing on the statistics, we were in position to come up with Uganda UACE top ten and best performing secondary schools 2020/2021.

Have a look at the country’s top ten schools and know which is the best school for your child to
conclude their secondary level education before joining the university.

10. St. Mark’s College, Namagoma

Basing on the results that were released yesterday, Namagoma’s St. Mark came at the tenth
position after having six students were able to secure 20 points whereas the rest of the
students excelled in their exams. This gets in the Uganda best performing secondary school in UACE 2020/21.

9. Ntare School

Mbarara and Western Uganda giants Ntare School come at number nine this year. The boys truly excelled at their examinations and six of them got 20 points. Surely parents within the Western Uganda sub- region ought to look no further.

8. Mengo Secondary School

Kampala city champions this year seem to be Mengo Secondary School. Located in the heart of
the city, accessibility to the fountain of knowledge is no challenge yet you can also be sure your
sure your child shall be among the country’s best students just like those who scored 20 points
this year. It comes in Uganda best performing secondary schools in UACE 2020/2021.

7. Gombe Secondary School

Moving on to Butambala district, the district’s best performers Gombe S.S were in position to
defend their title this year as their students got the best grades once more. Among the
candidates that sat for exams, six were in position to get 20 points.

6. St. Andrea Kahwa’s College, Hoima

St. Andrea Kahwa’s college in Hoima district came at position six among the country’s best
schools since among her candidates last year, seven were able to get 20 points while the rest
can still join institutions of high learning of their choice. Comes in Uganda best performing secondary schools in UACE 2020/2021.

5. St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Naggalama

From last year’s exams, St. Joseph’s Naggalama still stood tall and proud as the best school in
Mukono district thanks to the tremendous performance that her candidates exhibited. Among
her candidates, eight were in position to get 20 points.

4. St. Mary’s College, Kisubi

Wakiso gentlemen St. Mary’s Kisubi made it to the top five with ten of her students scoring 20
points while the rest of her candidates were in position to get high scores in the examinations. Makes it in the Uganda best performing secondary schools in UACE 2020/2021.

3. King’s College Buddo

Third on this list is King’s College Buddo which still has the art of ensuring her students attain
the very best grades every academic year. Just as usual, 14 of her candidates excelled with the
maximum grade which is 20 points.

2. Uganda Martyr’s S.S, Namugongo

Another school in Wakiso district which made the list comes at number 2. Just as usual UMSSN
had many of her students excel at the national examination with seventeen of them scoring 20
points. Comes in the top in Uganda best performing secondary school in UACE 2020/21.

1. St. Mary’s S.S, Kitende

At number one is St. Mary’s S.S Kitende which also made it among the best schools in the UCE
examination. At this level, 17 students scored the maximum 20 points while others also
excelled in the exam. This comes at number one in Uganda best performing secondary school in UACE 2020/21.

Conclusively, from the look of things, Wakiso district seemed to have produced the best grades
last year as the top four schools are all located in Wakiso district.


Best UCE Performing Secondary Schools 2021

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