Uganda Selects the July 2021 Athletes for Japan Olympics

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The Uganda athletics committee has finally made a team selection for the July 2021 Olympics slated to be held this year in Tokyo Japan.

This year’s Olympic games comes after the cancellation of last year’s event due to the COVID-19 pandemic that could not enable the events to take place.

This year’s several activities are to take place in Japan during the Olympic games and among some of these events include Karate, Skateboarding, sport climbing surfing, athletics and the new entrant baseball/softball that shall appear for the first time.

However, due to the delay of the Games, a number of world championships in summer sports that have been scheduled for 2021 have been postponed, as the Olympic Games competition or tournament takes pride of place on the calendar.

It should however be noted that the dates and locations of all events are subject to change, with the prevailing local conditions dictating whether they are held as scheduled.

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Meanwhile, in Uganda, the athletes led by the all-time champion and gold medalist Joshua Cheptegei took the participant through different training sessions in various districts in Eastern Uganda from Kapchorwa to Tororo before they would make a final selection.

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Below is the full list and breakdown of Uganda’s participants (athletes) set to feature in the July 2021 Japan Olympics games.

Top three mixed-race
193Chelangat shauline (kapchorwa) 6:26:8
108 Chemusto Joan (police) 6:23:8
195 Aciro Knight(prisons). 6:32:4
258 Biwot Hillary (UPDF)5:24:8
184 Akwech peter (prisons)5:32:2
183 kiprop Daniel (prisons) 5:32:3

Senior women top five
128 Chemutai peruth (police) 33:35:1
194 Chemutai Doreen (prisons) 33:43:5
270 Chesang Doreen (UWA) 33:49:4
104 Chelangat Mercyline (police) 34:02:9
200 Cheney Racheal Zena (Prisons) 34:16:3


169 Kiplangat Hoseah (Prisons) 29:40:0
290 Kusuro Geoffrey (UWA) 29:15:1
29 Kibet samuel (Arua) 29:18:5
75 Ayeko Joel (Kcca) 29:23:3

Junior women top five(6km)
265 Chesang Prisca chamweno (UWA) 20:08:4
106 Chebet Scarlet (Police) 20:47:3
62 Chepkwemoi Teddy simon (Kcca) 20:58:4
58 Chemutai Martha (Kcca) 21:09:9
266 Chepkwemoi Loice (UWA) 21:18:0

Junior Men 8kms
279 Yekoo Dismas (UWA) 23:39:2
68 Kibet Rodgers (Kcca) 23:43:5
63 Chemutai Leonard (Kcca) 23:44:7
112 Kiplangat Joel(police) 23:59:2
118 Kiprotich martin(police) 24:00:6

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