Uganda Political Parties to Share 15bn to Facilitate Campaigns

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  • The Uganda's 10th parliament is comprised of the majority Members of Parliament coming from the ruling NRM party
  • FDC is the current face of opposition in Uganda's politics
  • The 10th Parliament is set to share 15bn shillings increased form the usual 10 billions
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Times Uganda is being informed about the secretive increase of the political parties funds that are to be shared. These funds, are being said that they are the ones parties share to facilitate there campaigns but, they are shared according to the number of Members of Parliament each Uganda political party has in the 10th parliament.

This time, it is being learnt that the ruling NRM party is set to go away with the lion share, since it has the most number of Members of Parliament in the house. This revelation, comes through after a long buzz was sparked off on how to share and to who that should the money be given, and more so, what political parties that are on the sharing table.


Well, the thing is, the Uganda political parties are in the current house, are the ones to share the money, and for the new political parties like NUP, are not eligible to share on the money. More so, this 15 billion Uganda shillings is meant for running the political campaigns on the current Members of Parliament from their specific parties.

It should be noted that, it has been 10 billion shillings previously, that the represented political parties were sharing. Until the amount was increased to 15 billions in the recent amendment that was headed by the ruling party NRM.

This money (15 billion shillings) was released by the Ministry of Finance to the Electoral Commission recently.


As we said before, this goes by the numbers and the ruling NRM party which has over 293 legislators in the 10th parliament will take 84% of the Shs15 billion which is equivalent to 12 billion shillings.

This will be followed by FDC which has 36 Members of Parliament with 10% of the 15 billions, that is equivalent to 1.5 billion. It will be followed by DP with 15 will get 4% equivalent to 600 million shillings.

Then, this will be followed by UPC which has 6 Members of Parliament that will get 2% or approximately Shs300 million. And lastly, it will be JEEMA which has only one Member of Parliament and it would get Shs150 million.

But, here comes a question on the distribution of this money, how will the parliament handle cases of those Members of Parliament that have lost their seats in the current primaries that have been handled? Will the money still be disbanded to the respective political parties as stipulated in the amendment?


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In connection to this, the current opposition is being led by FDC which fielded more than 300 parliamentary candidates for the coming general elections in 2021. Then, the most feared political party currently, NUP nominated only 128 countrywide.

This brings in the picture that still, despite being a silent political party, FDC may still be the strongest face of opposition in 2021 if it gets some victories in Eastern Uganda, Kigezi region ,Rwenzori region, Acholi and few from Central.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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