Uganda Police Speaks Out on Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe, Dismisses Allegations of Torture

The Uganda police force yesterday made a statement publicly about the recent arrests of NUP
supporters and Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi security details who were arrested in Kalangala. These include Eddy Mutwe and Nubian Li with others more than 100 in number.

The police refuted the claims and allegations trending that those who had been arrested had been
severely tortured while in custody by security personnel. Among the top figure were Ali Buken alias Nubian Li, Ssebufu Edward alias Eddie Mutwe among others who were netted by security while in Kalangal for campaigns.

The Police made the clarification on their official social media platforms dismissing the allegations as they displayed photos of Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe in a ‘proper’ situation.

We would like to refute the false propaganda that photographs of alleged torture, spread on social media are of two suspects namely; Ssebuufu Edward alias Eddie Mutwe and Buken Ali alias Nubian Lee, who are in police custody in Masaka. We believe the accounts of torture are fabricated to taint the image of the forces and also capture media headlines.” the statements starts..

We would like to disprove these sickening allegations by sharing images of the two suspects, that were obtained today while lifting their fingerprints. It is a lawful procedure undertaken when suspects are being processed for court and for future criminal record purposes.” Police continues.

We remain committed to observing the rights of all suspects, even when in custody. Our Cyber
Crime unit has taken interest in the FAKE posting and will ensure the culprits are identified and
brought to justice”. Official Police statement mentioned.


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