UMA distances itself from the event at Kololo

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The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) has distanced itself from the event that happen at Kololo airstrip groups over the weekend. Medical personels met President Museveni over the weekend and knelt down praising him for the services he has rendered to Ugandans.

They went ahead to ask him to remain ruling Ugandans until he dies because he is so good. And at the moment UMA has released a statement saying they don’t know the people that met President Museveni in the name of medical personels.

Here is the full statement;

“Uganda Medical Association (UMA) bings geher more than 7000 Medical Doctors in Uganda and she huspora with the twin mission of welfare and professurf doctors in order in deliver quality hand healthcare to the pquilation of Uganda. UM.A operates under or 15 Regional Branches The Kolale Event on 31 December 2012-
Uganda Medical Association National Executive Committee (UMA NEC) met about the incident in which the
UMA President, was recorded in several clips making statemes of the NRM Youth Symposium Kololo, alongside some medical students and meses, person who did not represent UMA NEC or UMA at that inting The UMANEC windd to state that Uganda Medical Association in non-parton and then does not participate in political activities of a pusat The U.M.A respects, honours and is commised to service in its members and in the pic as unsociation of professionals promigased under the fans of the Government of Uganda. The current UMA President attended de particular perting in low personal capacity but not an UMA his coctions at that moving were a posting the official portions of UMA andJ. Uganda Medical Association dissocies self from any and all partisan political actions or acts, and in cotionally required to do so. UMA is committed remain neutral to and to serve all Ugandan doctors and persons from all the political diption of, and is Uganda and globally.
4UMA NEC remains comuned in the mandise given to a by all its members and requests the Medical Fraternity and the public whom UM.A serves, to keep calm as our internal systems handle tus matter wid the not care and the trust ur the Medical doctors and the people we serve have given us. The UMA NEC is commmed to continueserve members of UMA in all the diviny Service With Honor,,”

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