UGANDA DECIDES 2021: Election Preliminary Updates and Results Show Bobi Wine is Leading

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In the wake of today the 14th of January, Ugandans stormed the polling centers to cast their votes and decide who will be their next president. This has been characterized by huge numbers especially the youths who turned up to cast their votes. Here is the Uganda election results updates.

At exactly 4pm local time, Ugandans were getting done with voting and awaiting for the votes counting to start by the Electoral Commission. This has been followed by few journalists of course who kept sending in the Uganda election results and our Times Uganda team that is on the ground working on the clock to bring in the results as they surface.

In this, Kyagulamyi Ssentamu Robert’s NUP party has been shown as leading so far with over 130,000 votes against his major opponent Yoweri Museveni of NRM with less than 20,000 votes. In addition, Bobi Wine won on his home polling station, Magere Freedom Square with 1,074 votes and incumbent Museveni Yoweri with 257 votes.

On the same note, Museveni won on his home polling station Karo High School polling station with 774 votes while Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine got 0 (zero). The counting is still heating up as Ugandans keep their finger crossed.

It should be remembered that, these elections were the most heavily guarded one in Uganda’s elections history. This was characterized by massive deployments all over the country with UPDF and Uganda Police Forces in place. On top of that, internet was shutdown yesterday and no Uganda can access any internet services.

You can keep following our live updates on our Twitter handle Times Uganda, we are serving you through.


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