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Top 5 Ugandan Tribes with Most Beautiful Women 2022-2023

Did you know there are many beautiful queens right there where you are or are you looking for a soul mate or just aka girl friend? If you answered yes to this question then watch out for these 5 tribes. They have one of the most exceptionally beautiful women in Uganda.

The Banyankole

The Banyankole have by far the most beautiful women in Uganda. They inhabit the districts of Bushenyi, Mbarara, Bushenyi, Ibanda and all Banyarwanda go into this category. Their girls grow slender with the figure eight shape. They are also generous and very good in adult issues especially giving wet nights.

If you are looking for someone to warm your cold nights forever then picking a girl from this tribe is worth the hustle. Anita Fabiola is their ambassador.

The Baganda

They hail from the central part of Uganda especially Masaka and Mpigi. They are every man’s dream. They have the figure six shape with a well curved booty. They are also very hardworking, generous and know how to take care of their men.

They are also well known to be a bit short but full of love which many men mistaken it with being strategists to detooth them. But the fact is that, those women are very beautiful and sweet. Faridah Nakazibwe is their ambassador.

The Basoga

They hail from the Eastern part of Uganda and inhabit districts of Bugiri, Mayuge, Jinja, Kamuli amongst others. Their women are very gorgeous and they take a huge share in the Ugandan most beautiful women by tribe. They are cute with good looks. should you happen to land one of them then rest assured you will be treated like a King. Their ambassador is Zari Hassan.

The Batoro

They hail from the Western part of Uganda and inhabit districts such as Fort portal. They have the young King Oyo Kambamba Rukidi iv as their King. They also have the sexy and women who give out love nonstop.

They are being guided by the “Omusaija tayangwa” slogan, mean a man can not be rejected. So, if you are looking around to getting a sweet and curvy woman, head to Tooro. Their ambassador is Juliana Kanyomozi.

The Bakiga

They hail from Kigezi Hills, Kabale, Rukingiri and have exceptionally beautiful women. The Bakiga women are a joy to hang out with. They are also very good in bed and are known to be exceptionally hardworking and also developmental.  Anyone coming across the Bakiga Women wish they did it earlier.

They are also known to be so hardworking and rough a bit but still, they are a great breed to have for yourself. Their ambassador is Esther Birungi.

There are many other tribes that haven’t made it to this list but have some of the most beautiful women for example the Banyoro, Japadhola, and the Bagwere.

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