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TikToker Brenan Replies His Haters On His Women Skits

Famous TikToker Ekoyu Brenan has come out to reveal how he doesn’t care about the way some people see him. This is because it’s not the way his mother sees him. And since the only thing he cares most about is his mother, other people’s opinions don’t matter.

“The fact that my mum doesn’t perceive me like how some of you do , is the most angelic thing that i care about !!”

This was in regards to his sexuality which many accuse him of having his boot opened. This rumor surfaced after his TikTok content gained widespread attention. It largely had Tiktoker Brenan acting female skits meaning he had to wear and behave like a woman. This apparently seems a trend that has even been transferred to his normal life.

Many see him as young girl embedded in a male skin because of his content. A number of social media users always attack him with such insults of how he’s even gay. And indeed it was the same in this case after he posted a pic with is mother saying that its only her opinion that matters in his life.

“She helps u buy pads,” one social media user decided to attack.
“You are gay….” said another.
“She has accepted the bitter truth.”

Brenan’s mother has even been being the one styling and making him up for most of his skits.

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