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The Hypocrisy in the Current Uganda’s Opposition


Continuation…. Uganda’s Opposition, they in other words accuse him of lacking something that they themselves do not posses. How many times have these middle aged men formed opposition alliances with the aim of bringing one candidate and failed terribly at it?

How many of them have either crossed from one party to another, formed new political parties entirely or rejoined the government only to leave it again driven by nothing other than hunger for power and control? And these people, with their level of inconsistency do not only expect but demand that the president should stick to and deliver on promises he made more than thirty years ago?

They who change opinions and ideologies like clothes? They who make empty promises before even getting ‘corrupted by power’? How many times have they assured us that ‘this time’ the man is going? How many times have they talked about having a plan B? And how many youths have died for those empty promises?

How many more need to die?

Lastly let me talk about the Bazukulu, the Bazukulu are bitter. They are actually enraged and maybe rightfully so but the Bazukulu, if they are to be honest with themselves are guilty of everything they accuse this regime of. Every single thing. Right now the most popular Muzukulu once bragged about bribing police officers in one of his songs back in the day. That right there was taking pride in corruption. I do not blame him, they follow the Uganda’s opposition.

As it happens I recently got held up by the police on what both they and I knew were bogus charges and I had to pay one hundred and fifty thousand shillings to weasel my way out after spending a night in a prison cell. One of the guys with me was willing to pay up to one million shillings by morning. The police that were holding us were also Bazukulu and I did not see any old officer there forcing them to extort us.

Those officers and other young government employees who are corrupt are our brothers and sisters and if any of them were to be imprisoned for corruption right now, those of us who are their friends or relatives would call it unfair. We want the government cleaned. We just don’t want it to start with us or those we know. The Bazukulu are also Tribalistic to the core.

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I have heard the Bazukulu talking about things that can make you wonder whether they have any love for this country. A few weeks ago for instance when a certain Muzukulu got imprisoned, the other Bazukulu threw stones at certain buses that are known to work on the Kampala-Masaka high way, always to and from Mbarara. Makes you wonder how the passengers in those buses whom we can assume do not even own private personal vehicles were to blame for the capture of a certain politician. Not to sound insensitive but that kind of reasoning is shallow at best.

The worst part is that the most enraged Bazukulu are not even the most suppressed. No. They can afford a meal or two a day. They can afford smart phones and some data and OTT. Their anger is therefore supposed to be righteous anger. They are angry that this country is not like some other country in some way or the other. Those who have had the chance to travel abroad are the worst in this category.

The Uganda’s opposition wants cities like Dubai, democracy like that of France, freedom like that of Scandinavian countries and the safety and standards of living of Amsterdam all right here right now in Uganda and until the day they themselves grab power and fail to achieve them you cannot convince them that it at least takes time and is at worst impossible to ever have all those qualities at once.

I think I have cut this regime a lot of slack and for that I apologize but that was for the purposes of today’s article. If I was to write about its flaws the article would probably be longer than this but everyone is already doing that. I was just trying to show what’s on the other side of the coin.

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As I conclude on Uganda’s opposition, as a final precaution to my fellow youths I will note down this scene from a certain series I watched some time back. I think it was The Originals. A woman turns to someone and says, “You ever read the old testament?” the guy says no. The woman then tells him, “God wasn’t powerful because he was right. He was always right because he was powerful.” There are consequences for provoking those with the means to hurt you. My plea is to the youth. The average youth. The ordinary youth. You who are not over ambitious but still have hope that if you live long enough you might one day achieve something for yourself. You who have nothing to gain directly from this regime or whatever regime might come after it.
The game of opposition politics is this country is played by political mercenaries with no permanent allegiances and their entire survival is based on nothing other than forming unholy alliances whenever they see fit. I think it is a shame for any youths to get caught up in the middle of those willing to keep going irrespective of who gets hurt or killed.
I am not much of a believer these days but I was a good one for six years and I have noticed that it has become fashionable for religious leaders to poke their noses in politics and for politicians to quote holy books so I will conclude with a bible verse that Moses gave the Israelites while cautioning them about rebellion. Deuteronomy 30:19, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”
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