The Ebonies Boss Dr. Bossa in ICU Over COVID-19

As the Coronavirus cases in Uganda keep surging and soaring, we have had many people both with name and those with no household names getting affected. As a result, many have died, as others have survived, and as you read this. The 55 year old Dr. Bossa Ebonies aka Sam Bagenda is in ICU over the same issue.

We are being reliably informed that Dr. Bossa Ebonies (Sam Bagenda) contacted the killer virus recently, and he is being admitted with other Ugandans who contracted the same virus. His condition, however is not stable as he is surviving on Oxygen.

This puts him of the top figures Uganda has in ICU finding Sheikh Muzaata in the same dock. This puts Uganda to a very stiff test on how to contain the virus as well as rhyming smoothly with the current important activities taking place, like the presidential campaigns.

It should be remembered that, Uganda has so far registered past 20,000 positive to the virus and according to various doctors, as they give reports they say that the hospitals are so far all full. COVID-19 patients have covered all of them and government hospitals are all out of gas cylinders.

The Ministry of Health has consequently asked Ugandans to be vigilant, follow the SOPs with strictness and avoid getting sick. In a report that was released recently, the government was tasking Ugandans to start burying their own COVID-19 dead people.

Dr Bossa in ICU over coronavirus Times Uganda
Dr Bossa on Oxygen

This was urged that, since it was recently proved that when someone dies, he/she can not transmit the virus. The government was to suspend burial of those people, so that it is left in the hands of the deceased’s family.


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