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The battle continues as Sheebaholics fire back at Spice Diana

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Sheebaholics have fired back at Spice Diana for allegedly coming out to blame for continuously attacking her.

In her post, she said that Sheebaholics had been attacking her without reason as she said in her post, “For sure sheebaholics mulekere awo okunvuma nokumpemula ku account yange . Silina kyenali mbakoze. Mukisusiza,” she pleaded on her social media.

Sheebaholics did not take the news easily which made them react in an endless post implying that the battle started with Spice Diana fans firing as them without reason for basically refusing to participate in the Zzina award.

In retaliation, the Sheebaholics released a statement saying;

Dear @spice_diana , On behalf of #sheebaholics , all we have to say is that we have respect for you & your art / brand. But please let’s not act like the #spicegadgets weren’t previously on this page attacking us #sheebaholics and Sheebah herself . Calling her out of her name all because we had asked Zzina awards not to nominate us LMAO🤣.

#spicegadgets attack this page each and everyday , they attack Sheebah on facebook day & night . But you don’t see us taking interviews or bringing this up & calling out the whole fan base as if the mean ones represent ALL sheebaholics . You don’t see or hear about it because I BLOCK ALL NEGATIVITY ON THIS PAGE & keep it moving!

Let’s be honest really . I know you mean all well with everything that you said but instead it’s just fueling the angry sheebaholics up … and how would you really feel if Sheebah took it to the public and called our YOUR whole fan base OUT like that even the ones that don’t have shit to do with this ???

  1. NOT all sheebaholics are bad.
  2. THIS IS the internet … and it’s your page , block and respond to them as you please !!! I promise you , we do the same here everyday!!! I can send you a list of #gadgets I have blocked due to the disrespect .
  3. PEOPLE will always have something to say! How you respond to it is your power ….. don’t ever let people get to you , especially since YOU know who you’re!!!
  4. People attack for a reason , first ask yourself what have i done to provoke this type of behavior ??? You literally mention #Sheebah in every single interview you do!! If you know where to find Sheebah as you mentioned , all you have to say can be said to her personally … but you address everything in the media !!! Of course it can come off as provocative !!!
  5. LASTLY, you’re a public figure , this comes with the JOB!! you’re always gonna have someone hating especially to a woman as hardworking & successful as you! ALL IN ALL, no bad vibes here!!, Read the response from the Sheebaholics.

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Looks like we are at 1-1, let us wait and see what the Spice Gadgets have to say for themselves this time round.


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