Teacher Mpamire signs new ambassadorial deal with Kikuubo Online

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Mendo Herbert Ssegujja alias Teacher Mpamire has today signed a contract with Kikuubo Online.

Kikubbo Online is an online platform that has been in the market for around two years. It makes it convenient for customers who regularly visit supper markets to have their daily supermarket shopping cart delivered to them at their doorstep. It has recently grown to compete with Kikuu, Uga Cart, Jumia and many others.

Today afternoon the Kikuubo Online’s marketing Manager took it on social media explaining to people how kikuubo online works. He also revealed that he believes that Teacher Mpamire is the right choice as a brand ambassador.

“ Our target market is individuals and households who find it difficult to pass by the Supermarket every other day. kikuubo Online is making it convenient for consumers who regularly visit the supermarket to have their daily supermarket shopping cart delivered to them at their doorstep and we believe in having fun while we do our work at Kikuubo online. What better way to get the word out through satire, comedy, and fun? While you laugh at the comedy, the marketing message gets lodged into your sub-consciousness. We believe we have chosen the right brand ambassador and we are glad to be associated with Teacher Mpamire.” Mr. Paul Muyobo said.

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Tell a friend about Kikuubo Online and she/he will forever find shopping very cheap and non-hectic. Finally, follow our different social media platforms for the latest news updates… Additionally, we urge you to keep safe…

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