Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli Critically Ill with COVID-19, not Dead

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Rumor has been making massive rounds on Social Media on how Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli has been announced dead. But our Times Cops have stepped in to establish the truth in all this, and we have the latest health updates regarding the newly elected president of Tanzania after contracting the deadly Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The latest we have is that, the president John Pombe Magufuli has been flown to India for more advanced and specialized treatment after his condition worsened at the Nairobi Hospital where he has been admitted from February 27, 2021.


More so, according to the Tanzania opposition leader, Tundu Antiphas Lussu, the Tanzania fountain of honor was airlifted on Thursday morning after doctors at the hospital authorized his airlifting. Lissu, in his statement said that Kenyan doctors feared that Magufuli may die in Kenya and that is why they authorized his airlifting to India

Latest update is that, the man who declared victory over Corona was transferred to India this afternoon. Kenyans don’t want the embarrassment, if the worst happens in Kenya.” His COVID denialism in tatters, his prayer-over-science folly has turned into a deadly boomerang!” Lissu wrote on his Twitter handle.

It should be remembered that, president John Pombe Magufuli is the second world leader to deny the existence of COVID-19. This happened after he tested items like papaya and they tested positive to COVID-19. Ever since, he let Tanzanians live a freestyle life and it late became an offense to wear face masks in Tanzania.

The first was the late Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza who said the disease was a ‘white man conspiracy’. Nkurunziza later died last year after contracting COVID-19. Becoming the first president to die of the disease in the whole world.


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We are praying for Magufuli to recover quickly. Keep it Times Uganda for the latest news about the president. So, John Pombe Magufuli is still alive not dead.

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