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Stop being selfish towards each other – Sheila Gashumba to artistes

Media personality, influencer and Talent manager Sheila Gashumba has called out Ugandan artistes to stop being selfish towards each other for the music industry to advance. She became famous at a very young age with the help of her father Frank Gashumba who ushered her into the media early.

Outspoken Sheila asked Ugandan artistes to show each other Respect, love and togetherness because that is the only thing that will push them to the top of their game. “Ugandan artists need to stop being selfish towards each other!! You need to show each other respect, love and togetherness before anyone else does!!,” she posted.

Beautiful Sheila started her television career when she was just 9 years of age working with WBS television and ever since then she hasn’t looked back. At the moment, Sheila Gashumba is much involved in the music industry with her television career aside. She is an influencer for Nigerian musicians down here in Uganda and she uses her social media platforms which have a huge following to promote everything.

She even made it a point to date a musician Rickman Manrick and she is in the center of his music career taking on the managing and promoting role for him. As a person deep rooted in the music industry, Sheila Gashumba alongside her workmates on NBS television are always discussing why Uganda’s music industry is behind compared to other countries.

They also usually talk about the Nigerian music dominating the whole of Africa especially in Uganda with all these talented Ugandans that are always fighting to get on top. According to Sheila Gashumba, the reason why Uganda’s music industry is behind is because Ugandan artistes are very selfish towards each other.

It should be noted that Sheila Gashumba is one of the youngest successful celebrity ladies in Uganda.

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