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Stop Begging me for Money – Fullfigure Barks at Abdul Mulaasi

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Jennifer Nakanguubi popularly known as Fullfigure has come out to publicly inform Abdul
Mulaasi that she is not his pocket so he shouldn’t ask her for money. Basing on Full Figure, the veteran musician Abdul Mulaasi has been pestering her for many but she advices him to look elsewhere.

She asserted that, despite the fact that she was once a Presidential advisor, that doesn’t make her President Museveni. She went on to say that the empty pocketed singer Abdul Mulaasi sided with the National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu in the elections so he ought to find his levels instead of begging.

The great criticism was made about Fullfigure after she changed camps from being a die hard
National Unity Platform supporter to joining the National Resistance Movement in a snap of a

Her mover attracted great criticism no wonder she accuses Abdul Mulaasi of attacking her with
other NUP supporters like Mugema and Kazibwe Kapo for supporting the NRM as well as
accusing her of eating dirty money.

Therefore, this only perplexed Fullfigure when Abdul Mulaasi came back to her on his knees while
pleading with Full Figure to lend him some of the dirty money she enjoyed from the National
Resistance Movement.


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Due to this, she told him straight off to find his levels elsewhere and stop bothering her as she
is neither Bank of Uganda or his muzeyi that is meant to take pity on him and pardon his
previous behavior.

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