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Stella Nyanzi excited as 15 years old twin boys meet dad for first time

Politician and poet Stella Nyanzi is so much excited as her 15 years old twin boys Kato and Waswa meet their father for the first time in 15 years. Stella Nyanzi is a Muganda, highly educated and outspoken but she it comes to marriage she failed completely and now she is a single mother of three children.

Her first born is a 17 years old Baraks having a different father from the twin boys who are now 15 year. For Stella Nyanzi’s daughter, she last saw her father when she was two years old and ever since then she has never seen him against and for the boys they had never seen their father the whole life.

Outspoken Stella Nyanzi recently moved her family to go settle in Germany and for her with the work she does, she is always moving around the world leaving her teenage children home to continue with school and other things. For this time when she travelled to South Africa, the boys who were secretly talking to their father used the opportunity to bring him to Germany to meet them in absence of their mother.

Stella Nyanzi only saw photos and videos of the boys meeting their father at the airport something that surprised her. According to Stella Nyanzi, she is not minding about anything after all the boys are so excited. She said they texted her saying they have hands like the ones of their father.

“Oh Mama Stella, can you believe that Dad has the same exact fingers and hands like Wasswa and I?” my younger twin son, Kato WhatsApped me in the family group.

“Oh my God, Mama Stella, this is sooo weird in a cool kind of way. He really has the very very very same fingers like us!” Wasswa replied in the group. And then the emogi icons sprinkled everywhere by teenagers followed.”🖐🏿🖖🏿🫲🏿🤚🏿🤙🏿🤌🏿🙏🏿 It has taken my sons fifteen whole years to discover that their hands look exactly like their father’s hands. Wonders don’t cease!”

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