State House to Probe Public Health Servants in Ibanda District

PIt is not good news at all, as we have received news of how State House Health Monitoring Unit is set to send some health government officials from Ibanda district into coolers. This comes after the filthy rich public health officers in Ibanda are on a hyper rise throughout the district.

On the same note, the assistant director State House Health Monitoring Unit, Dr. Brian Arinitwe, says that some health workers in Ibanda district have accumulated magical wealth which may be as a result of embezzlement, corruption and elicit sale of government drugs that are meant to be used by the people.

In that case, the unit has resolved to carry out comprehensive investigations in Ibanda district and establish how these health workers gi away with it. In the same address, Dr. Brian Arinitwe chirped that, his office will seek assistance from the Inspector General of Government to conduct forensic investigation to identify these wrong elements in the district’s health line.

All this was revealed during a state house monitoring unit meeting conducted at State House with Ibanda health workers. This comes in after an arrest of the district Assistant Inventory management officer for allegedly stealing and selling government drugs.

Meanwhile, the government should also be informed that, there has been many embezzlement cases in Ibanda, that are outside the health sector. This also includes selling of property that does not belong to the government officials.


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A case in point is the recent Isaza land sale that was badly blocked by a group of Ibanda people that belong to the Ibanda Community Development Group (ICDG) umbrella. And many more cases have arose in the same district.

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