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Spice Diana Woes Deepen, Killed Man Ghost Arise

Singer Spice Diana and her manager Roger are currently in quagmire after the man that was killed at Spice’s home in Makindye case takes anew twist. It is now a few days since this gruesome case happened, and all we last heard was that Spice Diana was summoned by police, but now things have gone to sour.

The thing is, the brother of the slain man has come out and vowed to make sure Spice Diana and her manager face the worst of their lives. In this, the same man says that they will make sure their dead brother fights for himself. He moved on to say that, Spice Diana and Manager Roger sacrificed their brother.

The furious man again, said that all those people that have been sacrificing their brothers will see the worst, in that, he mentioned the Jose Chameleone and Karamaji saga. He continued to vow that he will make sure the singer suffers for her sins.

Our brother did not die a natural death, that is why he will fight for himself until he gets justice. He has been a regular visitor at your home, he has always been at your house, how come this time he decided to steal from your home?” the furious man asked.


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