SPECIAL REPORT- Past 800 Teenage Pregnancies Registered in Koboko District, Uganda

Numbers Sour During Lockdown

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  • These pregant young girls have been redudant due to schools closure and men have taken advantage of their full time availability to sleep on then hence impregnating them

Talking about the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic , we shall always look at it as a virus that came from where it came from, came into the globe and caused many deaths and breakdown of all institutions but trust us, the effects of this are more deeper than what we all see. In Uganda particularly, a study has been made in a single district and the effects are overwhelming that include teenage pregnancies

Teenage pregnancy can also be known as an adolescent pregnancy which is a pregnancy in a female under the age of 20 years of age and this is exactly what is happening in the Northern part of Uganda specifically in the district of Koboko. This was revealed by a research carried of by some organisations that ever since the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed by the Ugandan government, very many girls that were left redundant at their homes ended up sleeping on random men for food, comfort, being forced by parents to get into early marriages and money.

Consequently, in Koboko district alone, by the time this article is published 772 teenage pregnancies have been registered and recorded. The research was conducted and identified from various health centers where these teenagers go for antenatal care. During a Zoom meeting that was organised by Koboko Development Agency on a topic “KDA Effect of COVID-19 On Education Secvtor in in Koboko” this breaking report  was read to all those in attendance including the district stakeholders and other government officials.

Latest development from Koboko about the causes of teenage pregnancies as per yesterday’s statistics from the district biostatician indicates that the district registered a total of 772 cases (23%) and the municipality has registered a total of 148. These statistics are from the month of March to June and unfortunately when you look at these statistics, it is beyond the national target which is supposed to be less than 15%” the statement read.

Foundations are being laid to mitigate the effects from this case and find solutions possible to overcome this very teenage pregnancies issue. On the same note, the stakeholders are now tasked to go further than health centers to find out those pregnant girls that are still fearing to go for antenatal care at hospitals and still confined at home that are not counted which is believed they are also very many. Then even see how they can be helped to avoid the post pregnancy trauma caused by their parents and the environment they live in.

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