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Sophia Nantongo accused of being fraudster

Ugandan singer Sophia Nantongo who is likely to be out of music has been accused of being a fraudster by a man who names aren’t known yet. According to him, he gave Sophia Nantongo 11 million after she had promised to take her in the US last year 2023. He says he got into contact with her through her elder sister who was a friend to her in June last year.

He added that it was a referral on that he thought Sophia could get him mileage and that’s why he trusted her in the process. This man says Sophia Nantongo had requested him 15 million of which he managed to give her 11 million having a balance of 4 million Ugandan shillings. However, even before clearing the balance as days went by he couldn’t see anything going on and he had given her his passport on which to find all the details about him.

As time passed by he started seeing the red flag something that him report the case to Jinja police station with others that she had promised to take with him in the US. When arrested, this man says Nantongo managed to bribe the police and was given a bond of 2 months.

“I gave Sophia Nantongo 11 million because she had promised to take me in the US a thing she didn’t fulfill. I had given her my passport on which she could get the information about me. She said she was taking us as a group but as days passed by, she wasn’t giving us mileage. Time passed and nothing was going on a thing that shown us a red flag. When we tried calling her, she was threatening that when we decided to report her to Jinja police station. She was arrested but later bribed the police and was given a 2 months bond.” He said.

He says she was arrested in December 2023 and when released from police she left there 3 million as an exhibit fee.

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