Social Media Bash Bebe Cool Over Bobi Wine’s Children

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Bebe Cool has been the talk of the nation after he released photos of presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine’s children exiting the country a week before the Presidential elections. The NRM diehard was quick to question why Bobi’s children would leave, yet those of his close friends in the struggle remained behind.

I feel bad for Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Lee’s children as in who will protect them while their parents are in jail. Anyway safe travels travelers” Bebe captioned Bobi’s children pictures at Entebbe Airport. And what happened next was a real hot soup to him.

His comments weren’t well received by sections of the public who cautioned him to mind his business and use his brain resourcefully. The backlash let to the removal of his Tweet for violation of the app’s community guidelines.

Many argued that the children aren’t safe, and its only natural that they are taken to the United
States. As all sided with Bobi Wine, Bebe was left with no space of breathing as insults rained through.

You guys Bebe Cool might be the dumbest Ugandan to ever live I SWEAR,” one person mentioned. Others warned him to leave the children out if his battles with Bobi Wine. They advised him to get the kid’s lives and he faces the reality that Bobi is now far from him in everything.

“But Bebe Cool is a very dense man Imagine a grown ass man, posting pictures of his perceived rival’s young family… like the kids asked to be pulled into this? No limits. What a disgusting man. Posting children to score cheap political points with equally stupid people,” another mentioned.

They further urged him to mind his business and reminded him how some of his children were born abroad, despite the good hospitals he boasts that NRM built.

Most also, were seen trashing him saying that the president he takes as his father recently stopped him from speaking ‘nonsense’ while in a  meeting at State House, something that angered him and he left the meeting.


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