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Singer Spice Diana Criticizes Promoters furiously

Singer Namukwaya Hajjara famously known by her stage name Spice Diana is confused by Ugandan events promoter’s decision to set standard prices for artistes. In Uganda, artistes make money through stage performing because online making money through their hasn’t been that advanced like other countries.

With all this going on, promoters are now taking the advantage to pay artistes whatever amount they feel like because they are living their lives on their business. Days ago through the promoters association, a document was released on social media with a standard price for each artiste in Uganda. So many artistes who have been performing for a lot of money were devalued and put on a lower price.

So many artistes were not happy about it. According to one of the artistes like Spice Diana, she doesn’t understand where promoters get the audacity to price the business that doesn’t belong to them. According to Spice Diana, artistes invest money, time and energy in their work and promoters are not seeing it. She said artistes do this work to favour their fans but promoters are taking the advantages of it.

Promoters are not serious. Where do they get the audacity to price what does not belong to them? Artists invest time, money and energy to be in favor of fans, who become the revenue for these promoters.” Spice Diana speaks out. It should be noted that it’s not only Spice Diana who was angry with the promoters pricing artistes on their own fixed amounts.

Different artistes like Cindy Sanyu, Chosen Blood told showed their disgust in promoters saying they are using artistes like their own possessions not knowing they are also investing so much.

If you can’t afford an artiste, don’t hire them. You can’t force an artiste to step down to your standards. Mukendeeze akamanyiro please.,” Cindy Sanyu said

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