Singer Ray G badly blasts Chameleone, Bobi and Bebe

Singer Ray G from Western Uganda is also confused by the entitlement Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone put on themselves as the ‘Big Three’. Those three joined the music industry in the same time more than 17 years ago. By then there wasn’t advanced technology in that it helped them to push their careers.

Everything they got at the beginning of their career was worked hard for. Like Jose Chameleon, he had to go to Kenya in order to get good studios to release good music. But after making it to the top, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon don’t want to leave the lime light to the young generation to also have their time.

Everytime there is a trending going artiste, they trash him or her saying they are the big three and no one can ever go beyond them. Some artistes have tried to talk about it saying these artistes should stop branding themselves as the big three so that other artistes can go through.

According to Ray G, elders will always be respected by the kids but no elder should force a kid to respect them. Talented Ray G said whatever they do as elders will determine how the young are going to treat them which may not be that good because they also treat others not very good.

The Kids have to respect elders but when the elders decide to play with kids in the sand, they lose respect. They have no reason to remind us that they are big“ Ray G reminded.

It should be noted that Eddy Kenzo has worked hard and crossed boarders but the self proclaimed big three still don’t want him to be recognized.

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