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Singer Rahma Pinky denies bedding sugar daddies

Rising young star Rahma Pinky has denied ever dating or sleeping with any older man known as sugar daddy in her life. Rahma Pinky rose to fame last year after she was signed on to Team No Sleep when Sheebah existed it. Her name sounded more and fans expected a lot from her because of the record label she was on.

But as fans focused on her side of music another side of her other life was brought up. Despite being in her teen years, Rahma Pinky had a past that few people expected from her. During her senior six education, the young singer was introduced to an old man who was said to be living in the United States of America. This man approached Pinky’s parents and they agreed on arranged marriage.

Rahma Pinky was promised a car, good education after she is taken to the United States of America and so much dowry was paid to her parents. However, on the day of giving her out, Rahma Pinky ran away in her traditional introduction clothes and ended the arranged marriage that way.

Now that she is a celebrity, she has been asked multiple times about that issue and she has always denied dating or sleeping with that man. According to Rahma Pinky, there is nothing like she has ever had a sugar daddy. The man that was brought to her didn’t even get time to date her or do anything for her and she doesn’t count on that.

I have never dated or slept with a sugar daddy or old man. You people the guy you bring up is in my past abd we never dated or slept together. That man was talking with my parents and I was out of it. I don’t want to lie anyone that I had a connection with that man,” she said.

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