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Singer Lord Bitem to discipline upcoming artiste who sing ‘nonsense’

Faded singer and former Uganda Musician Association (UMA) presidential candidate Lord Bitem has vowed to discipline upcoming artistes who are singing ‘nonsense’. Lord Bitem has been in the music industry for so many years but his music is not popular at the moment as the young generation is busy taking over the industry.

For Lord Bitem, he still considers himself as one of the biggest artistes in Uganda and he sees himself in the position to teach the upcoming artistes on how to become as famous as he is. With this advances technology, young people are so flexible when it comes to the digital life and people like Bitem of Old school don’t see anything in the digital people saying whatever they are doing now especially in the music industry doesn’t make any sense.

Lord Bitem who had an interview with a local television said that he is tired of seeing artistes singing nonsense yet people are busy praising them. He revealed that he thinks he is in position to discipline most of them and put them in the straight line because they are dragging behind Uganda’s music industry trying to please social media where they are hyped.

“Nkoye abayimbi abayimba ebitategereke, era ngenda kuba discipline owamanyi mbazze mu line” Lord Bitem said.

For a long time, most old school artistes have failed to cope up with this everyday advancing technology and they don’t want to accept that the world is moving forward at a very high speed. Artistes like Lord Bitem who can’t cope up with the speed at which technology is dragging the music industry are now attacking artistes who are moving forward with the technology saying they don’t understand the music they are putting out.

It should be remembered the new school artistes like Eddy Kenzo are raising the Ugandan flag higher as he was recently nominated in the Grammy Awards.

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