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Singer Babaritah Finally Weds Scientifically After Her Chiko Marrying Another Woman


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Wonders shall never seize to happen especially in this entertainment world where we find this happening to certain people and that happening to others, but this time round, this story of Babaritah Mirembe aka Babaritah Muziki getting into an abrupt wedding is going way too far to break our nerves and we are left gobsmacked.

Look, recently not too many weeks ago, the Maritini Entertainment and Akatijjo hit maker Babaritah was cited all getting cozy with comedian Chiko of the Chiko and Madrat comedy duo and before we knew it, recently, it was Chiko in a scientific introduction where he was taken by another woman who we didn’t know about after enjoying all the goodies Babaritah offered him to eat.

And now before we made our second grasp of the deep breathe, booom, Babaritah Muziki has also come out with a surprise wedding which she was too excited to tell us about when she posted on her social media accounts saying that scientific can be sweet when she was all covered in a wedding gown and all smiles waiting for the sweet ‘I DO‘ moment.

Scientific things can be sweet see how i rocked” was the short but so meaningful caption she put on her wedding pictures. On the same note, we tried reaching her for a word and to explain why she did not invite most of us to take some soup, but she was so busy to pick our calls. Congratulations Babaritah and all the best.


Singer Babaritah Wedding


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Elijah Mutabuza

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