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Singer Akothee in a Shocking Revelation – I Sold My Soul to be Rich

Here is Her Networth (VIDEO)

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Singer, actress and multi billionaire businesswoman, single mother and the president of single mothers the Give it to Me hit maker Akoth Esther Kokeyo alias Akothee has shocked the nation when she finally revealed the origin of her wealth and fame to Kenyans and her fans all over the World as she sold her soul according to her post.

While attacking radio and television presenters who interview her children on matters that are in the past and those that remind them of their bitter past, Akothee vowed to crash anyone that will again involve her children in her dark back in the days life. She asserted it is because she sold her soul to be rich that her children are now living a life everyone dreams of.

After this shocking revelation, many of her fans were left in balance asking her whether she sold her soul to the devil for wealth and fame or whether she meant something else. In a very long post, Akothee revealed many things including the I sold my soul one that no parent would love to read or see as she went bare knuckles with presenters.

Akothee Wealth Net Worth
Akothee in her free time (courtesy photo)

To all presenters ,gossipers and the rest , keep off my children’s past out of your interviews/ mouths. Anytime you call any of my children for an interview, stick to the questions you said you will ask. Don’t try to gain impact with my children’s painful past, they don’t know. In addition, and will never understand why they are raised in a single-family in as much as they play strong. There is a broken heart somewhere” Akothee started her painful attack on presenters. She then asserted that she sold her soul to be what she is.

Leave my children’s past out of your dirty mouth, they have never healed from being raised by a single mother. I sold my soul to bring them up the way they are. Some people who went through this have never forgiven their parents( sad). I thank God that my children forgave us. In addition, since I always instilled the heart of forgiveness in them since they were young. Seeing their father & mother loitering in different relationships is not funny. In fact, or something to be proud of can’t you be sensitive for once idiots?” Akothee revealed.


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Akothee Devil Worshiper?
Akothee’s post


She is a Kenyan socialite, musician, model, and business mogul. In addition, that has tied herself on the top spot in the richest Kenyan women and artistes. Born on 8/4/1980 in Migori County and she is the first daughter of her parents and a mother of 5 although she lost one of her kids in her early days of brokenness.

She owns several luxurious fortresses in Kenya, houses that are worth more than 1 billion Kenya shillings that are located in Rongo, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi and other places. Also, she has a house in Zurich, Switzerland.

She does shopping from abroad and her favorite shopping spot is Europe in countries like Italy, France and in the Middle East in Dubai. We have compiled for you her full wealth and companies and net worth, watch the following video.



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