Show Organizers to Defy Police Ban During Festive Season

The show promoters say that the government has completely ignored them as other sectors are fully functional

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Music promoters, event  and show organizers have vowed to continue with their plans of organizing
festivities in defiance of the police ban. Last week, police warned against concerts and other unlawful parties. Which have been the norm during the festive season for many years.

Show organizers usually make good money from hosting events particularly on Christmas Day, Boxing
Day and New Year’s Eve. They argue that they will continue advertising shows because the government has not thought about them yet other sectors are operational, yet they have to earn a living to fend for their families.

If police are planning to arrest us, they should put in mind that campaigns which are gathering
many people are taking place, yet we who can have organized events are not allowed to work,
one of them mentioned.

They further state that the government has not been fair and has instead abandoned them. They have promised to ensure a safe environment for revelers who attend their shows. Government recently allowed theatres, Art galleries and other artistic spaces to re-open under strict observation of Standard Operating Procedures.

Unfortunately, bars and discos, popular hangouts during the festive season, are still not allowed
to operate now. Thus show organizers trying to push it out.


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