SHOCKING VIDEO: Police Officer Fires 10 Bullets to Kill an 18-Year-Old Boy

All Bullets Were Live

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Bizarre shootings and attempts to kill by a police officer to an 18-year-old boy happened on Tuesday evening at Rubaga Road near Kampala city center on land that has a Mosque on it. This happened and was recorded live by people on the scene and the terrifying moment saw many plead to the police officer to stop shooting all in vain.

The boy in this video only identified as Faisal according to how they are calling him in the video is said to have threatened to evict a tenant from one of his parent’s rental houses and what the tenant did was to go and pay the officer some money to arrest the boy.  And without any warrant to arrest him, he attempted to resist arrest by a person he didn’t know thus the scuffle.

Police Officer in Blue Being Brought Down
Police Officer in Blue Being Brought Down

Since the guns are currently taken as walking sticks, the police officer is heard threatening Faisal to get his hands off the gun or face death and defiant Faisal refused. The officer added another magazine of bullets and started to fire them on the ground as Faisal held the gun making it face the ground. The scuffle took over 10 minutes. Faisal should thank God for having another chance of life by now.

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