Shocking Reasons Why Bobi Wine Lost His NUP Party

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The National Unity Platform (NUP) caretaker Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine is currently crying as he dries the eyes after the said owner of the political party comes out to claim that he needs his party back. In this bitter revelation, a one man called  Nkonge Moses Kibalama (current NUP party president) has asserted that he needs his party back months after he gave it away to the People Power pressure group.

Through his very detailed video, Nkonge Moses Kibalama gave his reasons why he is taking his political party NUP back stating various reasons that range from mistrust and bleach of Memorandum of Understanding terms. He then stated that NUP was formerly called NURT a party that was aiming at liberating people.

Among the detailed reasons, Kibalama asserted that Bobi Wine promised to pay him $5 million in a few months of merging the party with People Power group something that Bobi didn’t fulfill giving reasons that his donors had not released the donor funds.

Secondly, Nkonge Moses Kibalama asserted that the party NUP had started to divert from the original motives of attaining the power as Bobi wine promised. That the heads of NUP had started to use the party for their selfish motives. This also pushed the owners of NUP to take back their party as a lot was promised but less was delivered.


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He continued to assert that the public should not perceive the news as something rotating on the money issue, but he said that if the party was still running on the major objectives as to why it was formed, it would be okay but still the objectives or ‘liberating’ the people were dropped. this has left us wondering if it is not for the liberating the people, what are the other motives if NUP as led by Bobi Wine?

It should be noted that the whole of this NUP sage comes in days after its president Kibalama Nkonge was abducted and later brought back by unknown people. Again, it is being learnt that his home has been consequently besieged by armed men something that showed that their is an external force that is forcing him to take back his party from the presidential hopeful Bobi Wine come 2021.


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