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SHOCKING – Pastor Farts in Mouths of Believers to ‘Bless’ Them

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If you thought that you have seen it all, then you are wrong, if you have not met this pastor who farts in the mouths of Christians. He does this to ‘bless’ them and send away all evil spirits that may be following the believers in their lives. Here is Pastor Christ Penelope, of SevenFold Holy Spirit Ministries that farts in mouths of the sheep.

In an era where everyone is striving hard to make it to Heaven, it is surprising how much people
are willing to do and endure just to get a glimpse of the wonderful and magnificent Heaven.
Well, the afflicted and desperate masses seem to be the new target audience.

Multiple men of God have sprang up in the recent past to see to it that the congregations are safely guided home. However, how authentic is your pastor, have their actions risen questions in the public’s
eye? Let us tell you how this pastor farts in the mouths of believers to bless them.

Recently, a South African pastor Christ Penelope of SevenFold Holy Spirit Ministries seemed to have out done his wits as he told his congregations that once he farts in their mouths, the congregation will be automatically healed with “God’s power.” It is such activities that frustrated South African President Cyril Ramaphosa as he lamented wondering what could be done to eradicate that false pastors from lying to the masses.

In his words he said, “How can we work together to ensure that we rid our country of bogus
religious leaders who are taking our people for a ride?” he desperately asked. The prime audience of these false pastors are people who have been pushed to the wall and are only hoping for a second chance at life but the pastors only seem to be aiming at filling their greedy throats and already over flowing pockets.

In many African countries, the trend carries on with pastors luring more unsuspecting congregations into their den. A Nigerian pastor convinced a female Church that her waist and private parts have been ravaged demons and her only chance at healing would be sleeping with him hence sexually exploiting her in hopes of “spiritual cleaning.”

And is what Pastor Christ Penelope of Holy Spirit Ministries doing the right thing?


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Uganda was in March 2000 hit by the sudden tragedy of a group of believers being burnt to ashes after their leaders promised them that that night they would safely be lead to Heaven. Such are the situations in which many Christians find themselves, but how do you detect a false pastor.

Does your pastor adhere to the teachings of the Bible? in case your Bible portrays himself as God before the congregation with a fart that can heal you, then you need to run because Jesus never used such means to heal the congregation.

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